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All You Need To Know About Microblading

Microblading extraordinaire, Sabrina Danyla, is the go-to expert artist for anyone and everyone who has ever wanted to ditch the daily grind of temporary makeup and free up time with a more permanent solution. A rebel in her own right, Chicago's premiere "permanent brow" specialist sat down with SVR's Rebelle Revue to share insight into the increasingly-popular service.

What is micropigmentation - and is microblading any different?

Simply put, micropigmentation is permanent makeup tattooed onto the skin, although it's not as deeply penetrating as a traditional tattoo. It can be done as a replacement for virtually any type of cosmetic effect: blush, eyeliner, lip color, brows...the options are limited only by your imagination!

Microblading is a special free-hand technique for micropigmentation that mimics the lines and visual textures of brow hair, specially customized to each individual's unique natural brows. "It's similar to the way balayage is hand-painted versus traditional foils," Sabrina explained. "Permanent makeup is applied with a hand tool versus a machine."

What is the #1 question typically asked about microblading?

While there doesn't seem to be a singular question always asked by curious clients, the #1 topic that does come up is skincare and maintenance:

"Oily skin requires more touch-ups because the natural oils will deteriorate the product faster. Oily skin requires a touch-up within a year, as opposed to dry skin that only needs a touch-up every 2-3 years. Normal skin is about 2 years."

If touch-ups are by the year (or two), what are the 2-part/3-part package series?

"The second part of the package is called a 'touch up', but it's actually part of the initial application process." Sabrina developed this system to encourage new and existing clients to come back for a follow-up visit, recommended between 4-6 weeks after the first visit. "You have to see what the product does. If something needs to be adjusted, it gets done - if not, you're good to go!"

What about Sensitive Skin?

For anyone who has sensitive and/or difficult skin, Sabrina highly recommends scheduling a patch test. Priced at $50, it covers the cost of the needle and small amount of product used to ensure your skin will love - and not react to - the overall process. Any contraindications (reactions or any related issues) typically occur instantly, and the patch test itself is small enough that any negative reaction is limited to minimal discomfort at best, a small blister much like a pimple at worst. Best done behind the ear, the patch is easy to detect and hide should a reaction occur.

The products Sabrina uses are natural, so it's very rare for her to see major reactions or related issues occur. "I'm light-handed, so I'd rather do more applications at a shallow stroke than fewer applications at deeper lines, to avoid deep cuts." Any form of tattoo pierces the skin, but microblading allows the artist to control the puncture depth and avoid damage to the skin. Deeper lines do result in richer color that lasts longer, but they also risk wider cuts into the skin that could potentially result in unsightly scabbing during the natural healing process. Sabrina's technique of light and shallow means a more natural hue and minimal (if any) scabbing - and clients love visiting her for their touch-ups!

About the Artist:

With a background in makeup artistry and painting, Sabrina Danyla has successfully translated her visual skills and creative personality into a lucrative career giving people in Chicago brows that truly wow! "Microblading is a way to 'do makeup' that is a lasting investment for the client," said Sabrina, "and it travels well for on-site service requests."

The ultimate "why" behind Sabrina's success? "I. LOVE. BROWS! I love shaping, tweezing, and coloring brows! Microblading came as a natural add-on to my passion that lasts far longer than a standard makeup application. If I could do only brows all the time, ever, I would!"

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